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How to Start A Blog : Set Up Your Blog Easily and Successfully

So, you want to start your own blog, but don’t really know the basics of starting a blog? Well then, you came to the right place. I will guide you each and every step you need to take in order to successfully start a blog that you will be proud of. You won’t need any technical or advanced skills to start a blog.

Nowadays, anyone can build a website in under 25 minutes, without any technical skills, so if you are serious about blogging or starting a website, don’t run away thinking it will be some complicated puzzle.

If you want a blog that will look professional and one day attract a respectable amount of traffic, you need to make sure you start off the right path otherwise you will receive a lot of complications that you don’t want later on.

I have created several websites and blogs since I was in high school. I remember how frustrating starting a blog, without any guide, is. I have made several mistakes when starting new blogs and today I am here to show you a clear and extensive step by step guide to starting your own blog without any frustration..

Before we get on to the step by step guide on how to start a blog, let’s first discuss why someone would consider starting a blog or a website.

Why Should I Start A Blog

Well, honestly, there are hundreds of reasons for why someone would consider starting a new blog, but the main reasons are:

1. Blogging as a Hobby: Many people, when starting a new blog, aren’t starting the blog just for money. Most of these people start the blog as a hobby and just for artistic stimulation.

2. Blogging For Money: There are also a lot of people who start a blog for the sake of making a secondary income or sometimes making a full time primary income. It is not easy, but what is stopping you? Nothing, except your dedication. Anyone can start a blog and make money off of their blog if they dedicate their time to the goal.

3. Blogging For Advertising and Exposure: Some people start off a blog because they want to expose and advertise their product to an endless source of traffic which is the internet. It is cheap and is effective when correctly done.

4. Blogging For Improving Writing Skills: There are also people who just want to write and improve their writing skills by starting a blog and finally…

5. Blogging To Tell Your Story: The last major reason for why someone would blog is to tell their unique and personal story, just like a personal journal, but this time it is available to the world.

These are not the only reasons for why you should start a blog; so just because your reason for starting a blog doesn’t match with the five listed reasons doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start blogging. So before you start a blog, it is important to understand why you are starting it as that will be your guide to making it successful.

So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s get your blog started and up and running!!

Step By Step Guide to Starting Your Own Blog

In this step by step guide, you will find everything you need to start a blog that has the roots to be successful. If you implement the tips and steps listed below, you won’t need any other guide to help you start off the right way. Each step will be thoroughly discussed so that you won’t be confused as what to do and what not to do. Let’s Start

Step 1: Come Up With Your Niche (What to blog about)

Before you start off building a blog, you need to make sure you have a clear and relatively broad topic that you are willing and WANT to write about. It can be about anything but make sure the topic (niche) you are writing about is something that you enjoy writing about and see yourself doing every day. If not, come up with another topic.

Here are the steps I take to find a niche to write about.

Find out what you are good at. For example, this blog is dedicated to self improvement in all areas of life. Why did I start a blog with a such a niche, because I wasn’t confident and lacked social skills when I was younger, but after dedication I can now say that I am confident with myself and my life.

Blogging Niche : GamingSo before you start a blog, find out either what you were always good at or better, find out a skill that you didn’t always have but through practice have acquired. It can be about anything; it doesn’t have to be a large topic such as mine.

For example, you could start a Gaming blog, or a Fishing Blog, or a Football blog. It doesn’t matter just make sure that you like the topic and try to make it as broad as you can, so you have more breathing space when you finally start writing.

Also if you want to be the highest authority in your niche, make sure you don’t start a blog that is in a crowded niche. For example, the niche “blogging” is over crowded.

It is extremely hard to beat the masters such as Quick Sprout, Problogger, CopyBlogger… I know I will never surpass these guys in blogging knowledge, but I know I have the tools to become one of the authority blogs in the self-improvement niche even though it is still crowded.

After you have come up with your niche (topic), then the next step is…

Step 2: Deciding On A Blogging Platform

This is where most bloggers make their biggest mistakes, so read carefully and avoid the consequences. There are several blogging platforms that you could join and starting blogging in. Basically, they are divided in to two:

1. Free Platforms: As the name suggests, starting a blog in these platforms is free and of no charge, so you might already be thinking about starting your blog on a free hosted platform, but I strongly advise not to.

If your vision to start a blog is to make money or grow a brand or be an authority in your blog, NEVER start a blog on a free hosted platform. Examples of free blogging platforms are

  •, basically anything that you won’t have to pay for.

You get what you pay for and if you aren’t willing to spend the extra 3-5$ per month for your own website, then no one coming to your site won’t see you as a professional. Even google won’t see you as a pro, as a result, you have no chance of receiving large traffic from google.

Using a free platform means that you don’t own your website, even though you think you do. The managers can delete and remove your website for any reason without any question. It is a no-brainer, never start a blog on a free platform

2. Paid Platforms: Now, these are where you need to focus your effort on. Using a paid platform is not expensive; in fact, it is dirt cheap. You can get one under 4$ per month which is unbelievable considering the potential profit and gain of your blog.

There are many paid platforms but you need only to concentrate on one of them, which is

  • WordPress: Start a
    (different from, which is free and not self hosted). With, you have a SELF-hosted website, meaning everything is under your control. It is extremely easy to configure and is trusted by many people. You have absolute control of the design, template… anything you can think of. In a free platform, everything is limited severely.

Since I never consider starting a blog on a free platform, this guide outlines the steps to start your own SELF-HOSTED WordPress blog

Step 3: Purchase your Host (Blogging Platform)

What is a host? A host basically provides a space for your website in the large world of the internet. It allows users to find you through the internet.

Note: I have used Bluehost for the majority of my blogging career, so I can honestly, they are the most affordable and worthy for the price that they offer. Some of the links below are affiliate links meaning at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to start a blog through Bluehost.

The following images are screenshots of Bluehost Pages. You can follow along easily without any confusion.

1. Go to Bluehost (Open in New Tab, so you can follow along)


2. Click the Green “Get Started Now” Button: As you can see they are offering a large discount; I don’t know how long it will stay like that, so better sign up now before the discount expires.

3. Choose from three different payment plans by clicking “Select”. If you are low on money, go ahead with the basic plan; you can upgrade anytime you want. If you are fine with the price, go ahead and sign up for the Plus plan as the features are more plentiful. I don’t advise you sign up for the Pro, as it is expensive compared to the features it provides.

Bluehost: Start A Blog

The cool feature is that whatever plan you choose you will get a one-year free domain (which generally costs 6-10$). It is also extremely easy to upgrade from one plan to another, as the customer service is extremely fast.

4. Choose a Domain Name

A domain name is basically the name of your website. So for example, the domain name of this website is If you have your own domain already you use that, but most probably you don’t have a domain name yet.

Bluehost : Starting A New Blog

There are some basic rules to follow when choosing a domain name:

  1. Make sure your own is catchy and easy to spell. If you have numbers and other archaic wording, people won’t remember it
  2. A .com is always king. Whenever possible try to get a domain name with a .com
  3. Use Keywords related to your niche in your website. So for example if your niche is gaming, you can try to come up with a domain name with “gaming” in its name.
  4. Keep it as short as possible: People will remember it more easily
  5. You can always use your name, but you will need to build more recognition.
  6. No Hyphens or Numbers
  7. If you are lost, use the domain name generator to get some fresh ideas.

Blue Host : Start Blogging5. Fill out the Basic Account Information: I don’t think you need any help with this. Just fill out the info; they only require the most basic of personal information. Make sure your email is working as you will receive important links and information.

6. Select Package Information: Under the package information headline, which is below step 5, you will be able to choose what type of security and how your account bill will be provided to you. There are three options, yearly, every two years and for three years. You will get cheaper offers when you select more years. As you can see, it comes up to less than 4$ per month, which is astounding.

Starting a Blog with Bluehost

– To make it as cheap as possible, the only additional payment you need is for “Domain Privacy Protection”, which is important to keep your private info secure.

– You don’t need Site Backup Pro, which costs 2.99$ per month. You can easily get a free version of a plugin that does the same thing.

– You don’t need Search Engine Jumpstart, which costs 2.99$ per month.

– You also don’t need SiteLock Security and Comodo Bundle, which can be replicated with a free WordPress plugin later on.

Note: If you decided to pay for all these features, you would pay thrice the amount you needed to start a blog. 

7. Provide Your Payment Information: Fill in your billing information and confirm that you have agreed to their terms and then submit.


8. After you Submit, you will be asked to upgrade your account. You don’t have to upgrade unless you want you want to. So just skip these, and you offically have a domain name and are a step closer to reaching your goal. 🙂

9. Confirm your Email: Go to your email (the one you created a Bluehost account on) and you will have receive an email with your login information for your C panel, which is very important later on. Be sure to save this carefully

10. Login to BluehostGo back to Bluehost (homepage) and click “login” at the top right, where you will be directed to this page.

Money from Blogging: Bluehost

11. Enter the login (C-Panel) info you received from your welcome email and submit to login.

Step 4: Install WordPress: 

Once you have been logged into your Bluehost C-panel, go down to the website tab and choose “Install WordPress”. Use the image below to identify where it is.

Installing WordPress: Blogging

1. Begin the Installation: After you clicked on Install WordPress, you will be directed to the following page where you need to click install (Lime-green color) at the top right.

Starting a New Blog : Bluehost

It is not that hard to install the WordPress yourself; so unless you want to waste money or are wealthy, skip the “Let us do it for you” and just click on install at the top right.

2. Assign Your Domain to Where WordPress will Install

If you have signed up correctly, then your domain name should be available on the drop down menu or by default. Don’t fill in the directory and “Check Domain” after you choose your domain from the menu.

Sign Up Bluehost WordPress Blogging

As you can see on the above picture, I chose edgyattraction. You also have to choose your own domain that you signed up for at the beginning. After that you will be directed to a page which asks you to…

3. Provide Your WordPress Info: This is the last step.

On this page, after Checking your Domain, you will need to

  1. Check the “Show Advanced Options”
  2. Enter your Blog name or Title (For example mine would be Edgyattraction (without .com)
  3. Choose your Admin Username and Password, which you will use to sign in to your WordPress to design your website. Don’t forget it.
  4. Enter your Email Address and Agree to terms and Click “Install Now”

After a while, you will receive an email with the login info for your WordPress. You should have two login info’s by now: For your Bluehost and now for your WordPress.

In your email, yow will receive instruction on how to log in to your site URL to start designing your website.

Congratulations!! You officially have a live website and you did it in under 20 minutes.

If you are the type of person who reads the full article instead of following along, then here is a link for you too. Have fun and I applaud you if you could it without referring back to my site for instruction. 🙂

Next, I will help you learn the basics of using WordPress and how to design your website for optimal growth. I will help you develop your brand new empty blog into a successful respected blog.

If you want to build your new blog and don’t want to miss out on the next article on this series, be sure to subscribe and you will also receive an additional E-book on self-development for FREE!!

Blogging can change your life and make you an independent person. It can lead you to a satisfying life and if correctly, implemented can make you decent money. The only thing left to do on your part is take the initiative and start living FREELY. It can be tiring at first because it is hard to get traffic to your website, but ultimately, if you persist, the rewards will make the pain, you endured to get there, trivial.

So are you willing to take the initiative, then subscribe, so that you will have all the tools necessary to start a successful blog.

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