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Men's Style Mistakes : Shirts

The Ultimate Guide To Men’s Style and Fashion: T-Shirts

In the first part of this ultimate guide to Men’s Fashion, I discussed the basics and fundamentals on how to look good and how to not look good. We discussed the crimes committed on fashion by people and other Men’s Fashion guides, such as wearing unfit clothes or wearing bland clothes from Walmart. We also discussed how to make an outfit great.

On this article, we will continue on what I have written and discuss the specific Men’s Fashion tips that look good and that I recommend. This article includes affiliate links, so if you click on a link and buy a product I will receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. On this article, we will discuss T-shirts so stay tuned.

I don’t recommend products for the sake of making money. I want to build this blog into something bigger and loved. Customers come before money. I would rather gain no money and have a loyal reader rather than make 20$ and lose that reader.

I have tried the products recommended below at least once or have seen them look good on somebody else. I only recommend products that are worthy.

Anyways, let’s get back to the topic at hand and discuss the specific style tips I have planned for you guys:

Specific Fashion Advises To Look Awesome

The focus here is on accenting your T-shirt style in attractive ways, and even if specific recommendations seem not to apply, there is more than one way to make an outfit look better, so listen to your own gut feeling too. Don’t follow blindly as I can’t help you with each single problem.

To make this guide as thorough as possible, I have divided the T-shirts I recommend to apply to each economic background. I don’t want to promote only high quality products (which are generally more expensive) and leave the guy who can’t afford it lonely. That is how Men’s Fashion and Style guides should be.

Each T-shirt type will have 2-3 recommendations for each economic background guy, so I’m highly confident that you will find a product that you can afford and like here. If you don’t, take the recommendations as a guide and by something less expensive or one that you like more.

Important: I recommend you buy higher quality or quality products if you can afford them without taking a hit (Only if you are well off. I don't want anyone going through a bad economic time because they bought clothes). I have tried most of these and have had them for a long time. So you can take my word on it.                                                                                              

Men’s Fashion: The T-Shirt


The T-shirt is the building block for your outfit. Every great outfit needs a T-shirt. You can’t wear a jacket or a coat without a T-shirt underneath it. So before we get to the other types of clothing, we will start with the basic one.


·        Have 1-5 basic colored (choose from white, navy, black…) slim-fit and either crew neck or slight V-neck

·        Don’t wear deep V-necks.

·        No more Gothic or ed-hardy shirts; they have lost their niche.

·        Too much design or writing generally looks bad; so avoid it.

·        No Hollister or A & F

·        If you are going to buy online, make sure you know your size.

·        Don’t buy anything that I recommend if you didn’t find the size you were looking for. How it fits is what makes your T-shirt look good on you. So try to find another one on that website or somewhere else

·        Never wear yellow T-shirts unless you believe it looks good on you.

·        Graphic T-shirts are generally good and attract people, so check those out too.

Some Information about Quality of T-shirts

Men's Fashion - T shirt– The quality of T-shirts matter a lot if you want to use them constantly for a long period of time. I don’t recommend you buy T-shirts that cost less than 15$ unless you are broke, then I recommend it. 🙂

I once bought a t-shirt from H&M, and after washing it five or so times, the size diminished and the cotton started popping out. I bought it for 14.95$.

When you consider that you have to buy this T-shirt again and again, it is actually expensive. So buy T-shirts that cost in the 20-50$ range if you can; you will save money indirectly. I still wear a T-shirt that I bought for 27.99$ and it has been over two years.

The most annoying thing is when a T-shirt shrinks size when washing it, so be careful of the quality of the product you buy. Don’t buy T-shirts for 4.99 and expect them to last long.

– Generally buy slim-fit T-shirts, otherwise the T-shirt would fit like a rectangular box not in the shape of your body.

I have enticed you guys enough, let’s get straight to the T-shirt recommendations. Again, I don’t recommend without trying them out. I will start first for the Wealthy and then the Average and at last for the Broke. Everything is covered.

For the Wealthy (These are high quality T-shirts that last over a year without even fading)

Let’s get straight the recommendations, under each picture, I will write a review of the product so you understand better.

– Naked & Famous Denim Mens T-Shirt

Naked & Famous Denim Men's Fashion T-Shirt


For me, it can’t get better than this. Naked and Famous makes the best t-shirts I have ever worn. I currently have a white one too, which I got for sale at 19.99$.


  1. Great fit. This is a slim fit type, so it will take the form of your body. I don’t like it when T-shirts hang loose.
  2. Soft Material: The material is soft, so it is amazing for summer.
  3. Resilient: I have had this for over 7 months now and it still looks brand new. You pay for what you get and this is the ultimate example of that quote. The price is steep, but it lasts long and looks awesome.
  4. Luxury Clothing: Naked and Famous is categorized under Luxury clothing, so it is extremely high quality.
  5. Material: The material is really comfortable and you don’t feel like the T-shirt is making you itch or making you move it away, you know the feeling.


  1. 100% Cotton: I know most people like 100% cotton T-shirts, but for me, I like it when it is a little heavier. So if that isn’t a inconvenience for you, then you are fine
  2. Expensive: This T-shirt costs more than the average T-shirt. If you have the money, then this is not an issue for you.

– King & Fifths Men Premium V-Neck

Men's Fashion : King & Fifths Men Premium V-NeckMen's Fashion : King & Fifths Men Premium V-Neck


Another high quality T-shirt; This t-shirt is v-neck. I currently own this too and the quality of the product is high, although not better than the Naked and Famous one.


  1. Fits Amazingly well, especially around the shoulders, giving you a lean look.
  2. Great feel when you wear it. No uncomfortableness.
  3. The V-neck isn’t too far down. It is perfectly positioned.
  4. 60 Cotton/40 Poly: The shirt has a little weight too it. For me and for some people, they prefer this type of clothes over 100% Cotton.
  5. Great for the Price: The shirt lasts long and is high quality. So for 24.99$ it is a steal.


  1. It isn’t 100% Cotton. I personally like that way, but for some people this might be inconvenience as the shirt is not that light.
  2. Only available in Black and Grey.

– Ralph Lauren Mens Crew Neck T-Shirt

Men's Fashion : Ralph Lauren Mens Crew Neck T-ShirtMen's Fashion : Ralph Lauren Mens Crew Neck T-Shirt

Review: Another high quality T-shirt, this time for Polo Ralph Lauren. I love the color variety available for this brand.


  1. Timeless: This one, I have had for over 2 years and it is amazing. 2 years worth of a T-shirt for 30$ is an amazing deal.
  2. Variety of Colors: The variety of colors is amazing, so you can pick any color you want. I recommend you have at least Black and white. They don’t have to be the same brand. I have black, navy, white and red T-shirts.
  3. Fit: All of the clothes I recommend must have good fit and this one is no exception. It fits snugly and is comfortable.
  4. Polo: A great brand, so the quality is good.


  1. I have read that some of the people were complaining about size. So before you just buy by choosing a size, read some comments and gain insight. Sometimes the large maybe medium and so; read the comments and you will solve this problem. The product has greater that 4 rating so it is good, but some complained about size, so don’t make the same mistake.
Polo Shirts (Still for the wealthy guy)

Click on the link or on the picture to be directed to the store.

– G-Star Raw Men’s Manor Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Men's Fashion: G-Star Raw Mens Manor Short Sleeve Polo ShirtMen's Fashion : G-Star Raw Mens Manor Short Sleeve Polo Shirt

Review: Oh, these are my go to babies when I want to dress casual yet a little business. I love the fit, the design and the color above.


  1. The quality is amazing. It is 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex. Although most cotton clothes are extremely light, this one has some feel to it, that is why I love it.
  2. G-Star: They make extremely good products, most of them are graphical T-shirts but other than that their selection is all quality and reliable
  3. Collar: The collar is still flexible and standing. Most of the time, when you buy less quality Polo’s, the collar breaks after some use.
  4. Fit: The fit is good especially around the chest and waist area.
  5. All Five Star Reviews on Amazon


  1. I honestly couldn’t find a con for this product. So I searched its website and found out that it is only hand-wash, although I wash it with my washing machine and it is still new. I am not saying wash it with a machine, since it does not say that. Other than that, this is a perfect shirt for me.
  2. It is expensive (80$), but considering that other polo’s cost 50-70$ dollars, the addition of 10-20 dollars is worth it for the quality.

– French Connection Mens Dip Sleeve Stripe Polo Shirt

Men's Fashion: French Connection Mens Dip Sleeve Stripe Polo ShirtMen's Fashion : French Connection Mens Dip Sleeve Stripe Polo Shirt

Review: Although I don’t own these, I know someone who owns them and they look amazing on him. The color contrast looks awesome. The following pros and cons were not created by me; I told him to list the pros and cons.


  1. High Quality Cotton: The Shirt is made of 100% cotton, so the shirt is light and is very comfortable to wear.
  2. Slim fit: The shirt is made as slim fit, so it will accentuate your fit body.
  3. The color contrast: The design of the shirt and the color designs look extremely good. I plan to buy these next time I need new clothes.
  4. French Connection: I researched the brand and they seem to have a general positive feedback on forums and fashion blogs, so that is one plus.


  1. Slightly expensive: Compared to other polos, it is not that expensive (58.99). I haven’t tried them out, but the friend did tell me he has worn them for over 5 months now and in my eyes they still look awesome, so the investment must be great.
  2. Color Variety: The only colors available are the ones posted above, if you love them, then that is not a problem.

– Lacoste Mens Short Sleeve Classic Piqué Slim Fit Polo Shirt

Men's Fashion : Lacoste Mens Short Sleeve Classic Piqué Slim Fit Polo ShirtMen's Fashion : Lacoste Mens Short Sleeve Classic Piqué Slim Fit Polo Shirt

Reviews: I currently own these Lacoste Silm fit Polo’s and they are sleek. The quality is astounding.


  1. You can’t get better quality polo’s than Lacoste. They are the epitome of polo’s in my eyes.
  2. Highly durable. The collars haven’t started breaking even though, it has been 5 months since I bought them
  3. Not extremely light. They have some weight, which I like really much.


  1. They are expensive. I wouldn’t have bought them hadn’t I have gotten them for Christmas through a discount card. The quality is better than all the clothes, but the price is a little too steep.
  2. It is has some weight. This might not be a problem for you if you like heavier clothes like me.

Honorable Mention:

– U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo Shirt

Men's Fashion : U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo ShirtMen's Fashion : U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo Shirt

Review: These Polo’s are amazing for their price. They are a little too light and feel extremely soft which I don’t like but you might like. For their price, they are a steal. Note: They do stretch when you wash them again and again.

That was a lot, here is where the T-shirt recommendations for the wealthy or rich guy ends. Next up is recommendations for the average economic background guy. If you have questions on the above products or want to know more, comment and I will respond quickly. 

Next: For the Average Economic Background Guy

(These are quality products. They are not high quality. You can expect to use them for 3-5 months without fading)                                                                                                                                                   Basic T-shirts (Click on image or green link to go to shop)

– Slim Fit T-Shirt 3-Pack

Men's Fashion : Slim Fit T-Shirt 3-PackMen's Fashion : Slim Fit T-Shirt 3-Pack

Review: Yes, you read that right, 3 Polo Ralph Lauren Basic Shirts for 30.89$ That is an average of 10$ per Polo shirts. I bought a pack a year ago and only one of them ripped.


  1. Very low price. For their price, they are a major steal. I don’t know if the company is making a lot of profit by selling these at a low price like this.
  2. Fit: They have a good fit since they are slim fit T-shirt. 86% Fit as expected rating on Amazon, which is very good.
  3. The V-shape is not too low.


  1. The quality is not the best. One of the three that I bought ripped in 2 months. The other are still fine but you get what you pay for.
  2. Shrinking: The shirts shrink a little every time you wash them. The only solution is to hand wash them and I don’t have time for that.
– Nautica Mens Slim-Fit V-Neck T-Shirt

Men's Fashion : Nautica Mens Slim-Fit V-Neck T-ShirtMen's Fashion : Nautica Mens Slim-Fit V-Neck T-Shirt

Review: I don’t own these, but again, I have someone else review them for me and I also reviewed them online.


  1. It has a 94% fit as expected rating, which is really really high.
  2. It has a 4.7 rating on Amazon, so it is extremely valued by other customers.
  3. The fit is amazing and the material is comfortable. (By reviewer)


  1. They began to fade after 6 months or so (By reviewer)
  2. Perfect combination of stretch with breath-ability.
– Threads 4 Thought Mens Triblend Crew Neck Tee

Men's Fashion : Threads 4 Thought Mens Triblend Crew Neck TeeMen's Fashion : Threads 4 Thought Mens Triblend Crew Neck Tee

Review: I love this t-shirt, for its price, the quality is amazing. I have the gray one and I wear it when it is summer, because it is extremely soft.


  1. The big up for this T-shirt is its price. For 28.00, I have used these for over a year now.
  2. The material is extremely light.
  3. Softest shirt ever


  1. Very soft
  2. They have a good fit but they aren’t slim fit around your waist.

Polo Shirts

– U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo Shirt

Men's Fashion : U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo ShirtMen's Fashion : U.S. Polo Assn. Mens Slim-Fit Cotton Slub Polo Shirt

Review: I don’t currently own these, but I had them for a long time without losing their quality. I recommend these for everyone.


  1. Over 300 Customer reviews, meaning the quality is trusted.
  2. Slim fit, so it will fit to your body well and make you lean.
  3. The quality is amazing for the price.
  4. Doesn’t shrink when washing it.


  1. There has been comments on Amazon that the size is irregular, but most of the comments were positive. So just read the comments and adjust. No other cons I can think of.
– What Lees Mens Urban Casual Basic Short Sleeve Golf Polo Shirts

Men's Fashion : What Lees Mens Urban Casual Basic Short Sleeve Golf Polo ShirtsMen's Fashion : What Lees Mens Urban Casual Basic Short Sleeve Golf Polo Shirts

Review: I don’t own these currently  but I had them a year ago. I love the fact that they look a lot less preppy than the other ones. Since I am black and love white girls, it is good to look preppy for me. 🙂


  1. Amazing price. Currently it is 19.95$. I bought it while it was 34.99$ so buy it now before the discount drops.
  2. It looks much more casual and less preppy.
  3. 97% fit as expected rating. Woah.


  1. Quality is not the greatest. It ripped after 8 months or so of use
  2. Some of the designs of the other colors are too designy (came up with a word here.) The only colors I liked are the above ones.

Next up is recommendations for the poor economic background guy. It is also for the cheap or frugal guy if you are that kind of person. I recommend you invest in yourself more if you have the money. 

Next: For the Broke or Dirt Cheap Guy

(These are not quality products. They are average quality. You can expect to use them for 1-3 months without losing their vigor.)

Recommendations: Instead of buying clothes that are dirt cheap, I recommend you find clothes that are on a high discount. I will link some here and update whenever I can.

Basic T-shirts

– H2H Mens Casual Slim Fit Short Sleeve Crew-neck Summer T-Shirts of Various Colors

Men's Fashion : H2H Mens Casual Slim Fit Short Sleeve Crew-neck Summer T-Shirts of Various ColorsMen's Fashion : H2H Mens Casual Slim Fit Short Sleeve Crew-neck Summer T-Shirts of Various Colors

Review: I own the black one and I must say compared to other retail store clothes, they fit nicely. But unfortunately it has some big cons.


  1. The quality and the price are equal. You get what you pay for. It costs 14$ and it will suffice for some months if used correctly.
  2. Fit: This is the plus. The fit is amazing. It compares with the high quality Polo’s I recommended.
  3. Many reviews and buys on Amazon. Although the cheaper a product, the more people buy.


  1. Slightly longer on the torso area. It is not properly lengthened.
  2. Average quality, it won’t last for eternity.
  3. Some bad comments so read the comments and make a decision yourself. It has a good rating (above 4).
– Alternative Apparel Mens Eco Crew T-Shirt

Men's Fashion : Alternative Apparel Mens Eco Crew T-ShirtMen's Fashion : Alternative Apparel Mens Eco Crew T-Shirt

Review: These are amazing for their price. I wore them last summer a lot, currently, they have faded so I just use them for gym and home.


  1. A Trusted Brand: Alternative Apparel is good and trusted brand so you won’t get fake material
  2. Price: For 10.95$, these are a good investment. I recommend it for an undershirt
  3. Fit: The fit is nearly perfect except around your underarms.


  1. It feels like cheap material. The softness doesn’t impress me. It might impress people that like softness very much.
  2. The quality of the shirt drops fast if you use constantly like I did. But for 10.95$, three months of use is an amazing investment.
– Mens Sports Slim Fit Casual Coolmesh Fabric V-neck Fitness Ice Tshirts

Men's Fashion : Mens Sports Slim Fit Casual Coolmesh Fabric V-neck Fitness Ice TshirtsMen's Fashion : Mens Sports Slim Fit Casual Coolmesh Fabric V-neck Fitness Ice Tshirts

Review: I don’t own these; these were also recommendations from another person that I saw looked good on.


  1. The material sticks and goes along with your body.
  2. The price is a steal for the quality (Reviewer)
  3. Variety of colors you could choose from
  4. Very good review on Amazon


  1. A little too sticky, so very hard to wear them in summer when you begin to sweat.
  2. The quality fades away quickly like all the average clothes.

Polo Shirts

– Marq 75 Slim Fit Jersey Polo Shirt – Ultra Soft Fabric

Men's Fashion : Marq 75 Slim Fit Jersey Polo Shirt - Ultra Soft FabricMen's Fashion : Marq 75 Slim Fit Jersey Polo Shirt - Ultra Soft Fabric

I don’t own these currently, but I had them. I don’t remember how I lost them. LOL.


  1. Very good Amazon review, so the quality has been proved.
  2. Slim fit polo: These have amazing fit just like the higher quality polos. I liked them very much when I had them.
  3. Color Variety: There are various colors available, so you can choose from a lot of different colors.


  1. Slight wider than other polos, so you need to take that into consideration before buying.
  2. Shrink in size when washed repeatedly.
– Grin&Bear Slim Fit contrast Polo shirt

Men's Fashion : Grin&Bear Slim Fit contrast Poloshirt PoloMen's Fashion : Grin&Bear Slim Fit contrast Poloshirt Polo

Review: I also don’t own these, these were recommendations from another guy who has three different colors of this Polo


  1. All the color designs available look amazing.
  2. Over 205 Customer reviews, so the Polo has social proof.
  3. Amazing quality and Brand (Grin & Bear; I own a hoodie from this brand, and they make legit clothes.)


  1. Some of the customers complained that the size was a little off mark. The clothes seem to be smaller than what is advertised. So again, read comments and adjust. Reading comments gives you valuable insight on how to buy.
  2. The price is a little steep for the poor guy. The quality is good; I have felt it and I will buy it next when one of my polo’s fades away, but the price might be high for this category.
  3. The color is not correctly depicted. The color on the screen is much brighter, so expect the T-shirt to be less colorful

How to Buy Clothes:

Before I finish my specific recommendations of T-shirts, you need to understand some basic economic and price fundamentals, otherwise you will either spend too much on unnecessary stuff or spend too little and get stuck with below average quality products.

Fundamentals of Buying Correctly:

1) Generally, the less money you spend the lower the quality of the product is. That is why I don’t recommend you buy clothes from bland stores like Walmart, because they are cheap, which equals bad quality.

2) After a certain threshold, the difference in quality of the products are not that visible.

G-Star Raw Mens Arc 3D Slim-Fit Jean In Indigo AgedDolce & Gabbana Denim Mens Off Black Stretch Jeans

For example, if you ever buy 180$ G-Star Jeans (on the left) and you see D&B jeans (on the right) which cost, 250$, there won’t be much difference except for the brand or some unnecessary addition. So buy the cheaper one.

3) The above point does not apply to clothes under 100$. Generally clothes under 50$ lack in quality compared to the ones in the 60-100$ range. I generally buy clothes in this range except for Tees which I don’t buy over 45$.

My recommendation, if you can, buy clothes in the 50-100$ range, as they are quality and don’t bust your wallet and last long.

4) Clothes in the 80-150$ range are the best in quality and price. These clothes last a long time without fading and are really comfortable. Right now, I don’t have the money to constantly buy clothes in this range. But if I or you had more money, this is my ultimate recommendation.

Don’t buy clothes in this range because I said this. Only buy these types of clothes if you can afford it without suffering.

5) Clothes above this range >150$ are generally for the richer guys. I have a jean that I bought for 175$ (G-Star, you can check it out by clicking on the left image above) and it has been two years and it still looks brand new. I don’t recommend this unless you see something you really really like.

6) Whenever you buy clothes or any type of product online, make sure you read comments and understand whether it is worth it to buy the cloth.

For example, the size of the T-shirt may not be accurately depicted so by reading the comments, you can buy a size larger or smaller and make it fit you. Don’t just buy after you see the product; gain some knowledge on the product.

7) Some clothes may not allow amazon prime or other prime shipping ways, so to avoid shipping rates buy clothes in bulk. This action could save you over 10$.

8) Research the brand on google if you really want to know how the product is viewed and respected by the general public. I do this when I buy clothes that are somewhat expensive (above 60$)

9) Never buy a product that isn’t going to fit you; I don’t care how much you are in love with it, as long as it doesn’t fit you, it will look awful. Trust me.

You don’t have to follow the above guideline, but it is helpful for people who are in a restrictive economic condition.


I hope you have enjoyed this T-shirt Series; It took over a week of work to write this post perfectly and give each one of the clothes my review and other people’s reviews. I hope you liked it; if you have any questions, feel free to comment and I will answer shortly.

Next up is Dress-shirts (both casual and business). My favorite outfit always contains a dress shirt in it so be sure to check it out as I have many recommendations. I will release it this week. If you don’t want to miss it, subscribe and you will be notified when I publish it.

“Your physical appearance is a culmination of how much investment you put in yourself, whether monetarily or non-monetarily”

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